Domaine Organic Farming

Our family’s Domaine spreads across 25 hectares and is unique for being the only one of its kind within the “Bollenberg” area.

The protected flora and fauna of this exceptional location, well known for its biodiversity, inspired us to do our part to protect this place.

The Domaine du Bollenberg is very involved in environmental conservation, and in 2010 decided to convert its whole vineyard to organic farming.

All the vines are grown in line with Organic Farming regulations, which means that we do not use pesticides or herbicides.

We only use chemical products “of natural origin” to protect the vineyard, such as sulphur dioxide (to fight oidium) and copper sulphate (to fight mildew).

The soil is maintained mechanically or manually using intercepting blades  to control the naturally-occurring weeds, to aerate the soil and to enable the microorganisms in the ground to flourish.

Organic farming is an alternative to chemical farming and it contributes to the increased diversity of our ecosystems. All this work requires more human investment. Our team monitors the vine and the wine with passion.

About the wine production,

The grapes are harvested at the point of perfect maturity, and this is done by hand so as to keep them intact until pressing.

The wines are aged in traditional oak barrels which allows them to interact with the wood.